Education is significant for those precious moments of clarity. You will find great value from our Infant Feeding Specialists and Childbirth Educators.

Childbirth Education

Giving birth is an experience. Do you know what you want out of this experience? Of course you are going to have a tiny new wonder to celebrate, but there is so much more to consider. Keystone State Doula Services is happy to offer childbirth education curriculum to all of Central PA and beyond. Why choose KSDS for Childbirth Education? You (and your loving partner especially) may prefer to prepare for your birth privately in the comfort of your own home. It may feel uncomfortable to talk about all the intimate details of giving birth in a group setting or in an institution....

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What Does Real Postpartum Support Look Like?

Are you expecting, or have recently had a baby?  Congratulations, it’s a special and very exciting time! And, most new parents, even the most excited and the most experienced parents will say that navigating through those first days, even weeks and months, after bringing home a new baby is anything […]

Doula Agencies and Intimacy – Our Heart Centered Approach

Some families shy away from the idea of a doula agency with the idea that it’s “too big” and that there will be a loss of intimacy with the agency approach. While we can’t guarantee intimacy with the approach from all agencies, we can tell you how Keystone State Doula […]

The AMAZING capabilities of the Labor and Delivery Hospital Bed

Most families giving birth in a hospital will have the opportunity to go on a tour of their chosen hospital before going into labor. This gives your family the chance to learn where to park, what entrance you will come in, to familiarize yourself with the proper desk or office where you will […]