baby's first social media post

Hello World!

This is my very first post in this thing called social media. I am so very new to this world.

I am very excited to meet everyone, and from what I hear, everyone is also very excited to meet me.

I’ve been in the womb for 9 months listening to the sounds of mommy’s and daddy’s voices. Now that I am born, I’d like to have some time to really get to know them. We have so much to learn about each other. I’ve heard that this time is very precious.

Please be patient with my Mommy and Daddy if they have not invited you over yet, or returned your call, text or email. They are giving me all their love and attention, which I need a lot of right now. They said I am their number one priority. That makes me feel pretty special. I hope this is something you can understand.

Currently, these are some of my favorite activities: sleeping, pooping, getting drunk on milk, and more sleeping. Some nights I like to party all night with mommy and daddy. Although, they seem a lot more tired than I do. During these parties I like to use my voice loudly and move my body all around. I have a fitness routine and it goes like this:

Kick, kick, wiggle, wiggle

Kick, kick, wiggle, wiggle

Mommy says that once we are all acquainted as a family (and she gets to shower regularly), she will invite you over so you can party with me too.

Keep in mind that when we first meet, I am easily overstimulated, so until I get older, I hope we can keep our gatherings short and sweet. I have milky to drink, and I need my mama to nap with me so she can party with me at night.

I’ve also noticed that the dishes need washed. Feel free to lend a hand to mommy and daddy with a small chore when you visit. You don’t have to make it ALL about me! I’m happy to share the love.

Meals are a welcomed gift also. When mommy eats well, that means I eat well too.

Well, that’s about all the energy I have right now, it’s time for me to drink more milk before I pass out again. Thanks for reading everyone. I am looking forward to meeting you.

With Love,

A Tiny Human

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