Parenting Is A Creative Process

new parents, parenting, parents-to-be

Parenting is the absolute most creative process I have endured in my lifetime. To parent joyfully, successfully, with balance and with love forces you to tap into every possible creative resource within yourself. There is no black and white with parenting. There are so many ways to approach any single […]

500 Hours of Postpartum Support

central pa doula support

Wouldn’t you just love to kick your feet up after having a baby? Imagine what your life could look like if you had 500 hours of postpartum support after your baby is born. Peace of Mind The number one thing gained by families using 500 hours of postpartum support is […]

Baby’s First Social Post

baby's first social media post

Hello World! This is my very first post in this thing called social media. I am so very new to this world. I am very excited to meet everyone, and from what I hear, everyone is also very excited to meet me. I’ve been in the womb for 9 months […]

Shining Light on Maternal Mental Health Illnesses

postpartum progress

Maternal Mental Health is the emotional and mental state of an expecting or new mother. Perinatal Mood Disorders affect 1 in 7 mothers. Many people have heard the term postpartum depression. That is just one of many illnesses that could affect a pregnant or newly postpartum mother. Perinatal Mood Disorders […]

#Meditate on this

meditate on this

In January 2016, there was an announcement that The US Preventative Task Force is recommending routine screening during pregnancy for depression. This is great news since 1 in 7 women will experience a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder. It’s important to ask questions about this and raise awareness so that women know there is help […]

Parents of infants are choosing sleep!

sleep after baby

Everyone likes to poke fun at you while you are pregnant, telling you that once your child is born, you can forget about sleep. What is so funny about that? And how can we prove them wrong? With overnight postpartum care – that’s how! Did you know that once upon a time – a long, […]

Mastering Multiples – Twins, Triplets and Beyond

mastering multiples, postpartum doulas

Our bodies are amazing! Not only are we capable of creating a tiny human inside our very own body, we are capable of creating several tiny humans inside our very own body all at once! What an incredible blessing! Not only is this an incredible blessing, but it poses new challenges. How […]

Your guide to becoming a doula

how to become a doula

So you’ve decided you want to be a postpartum doula, labor doula, or placenta encapsulation specialist. Congratulations, what an exciting journey you are about to embark on. But where do you even start you may wonder? So here are your simple steps: 1 – Register for a labor training, postpartum doula training or placenta […]

Sex after childbirth – How Mama got her groove back

pelvic floor therapy

Does the idea of having sex after giving birth scare you? Are you worried about how it will feel? Don’t worry, this is a completely normal concern. I’ll assure you that our bodies are made to bounce back from childbirth. Female organs are an amazing thing! Let’s look at logistics. […]

Go For The Gold Giveaway

Keystone State Doula Services LLC opens it’s virtual doors today. We are so excited about our launch. In honor of all the amazing support we are receiving from our community, we wanted to give you an opportunity to do something wonderful for yourself.   Here is what’s included: Rice and […]

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