doula agencies and intimacy

Some families shy away from the idea of a doula agency with the idea that it’s “too big” and that there will be a loss of intimacy with the agency approach.

While we can’t guarantee intimacy with the approach from all agencies, we can tell you how Keystone State Doula Services’ approach does not compromise intimacy with our clients. This is just a little golden nugget of the Golden Standard we are setting for doula support in PA.

Speaking from experience as a previous independent doula, KSDS founder Gwendolyn Mccomsey, found it difficult to manage all the details of running a business while also giving each client the level of care they deserved. She found herself overwhelmed by accepting multiple clients a month, teaching classes, running support groups, scheduling prenatal appointments, attending births and working postpartum shifts while also maintaining the business side of things like creating client contracts, marketing, networking, social media, accounting, trainings and so much more.

What resulted was she was having a hard time responding timely to clients, sometimes cancelling scheduled classes due to births, showing up to births or postpartum shifts exhausted and run down due to having attended an all night birth, etc. Ultimately, making it hard for her to be fully present and on her A-game for each and every single family she served. Some independent doulas handle this well, but most doulas find this lifestyle to be unsustainable. This is why the agency model is attractive to so many doulas and the families we serve.

With our agency model, you will be paired with a doula (or doula team) who has the training and experience you are looking for. You will have ample time to connect with YOUR doula.

Your doula does not have to worry about the intricacies of running a business. That is not their passion. That is left to the agency owner. This heart centered approach means YOUR doula gets to focus all of their passion, energy, knowledge and experience on supporting YOUR family. Your doula is is assigned a workload that they can handle without overwhelm. Most often, your doula is able to have a single focus on your family during the time your family needs support. What an incredible blessing for your family.

If you were concerned about loss of intimacy by hiring an agency doula, fear no more. Our heart centered approach assures our doulas have freedom to give you their very best selves. We can’t think of a better way to offer doula services to you.

With professionalism and our heart centered approach, Keystone State Doula Services is committed to elevating the role of doula support in Pennsylvania. Contact us today to experience the Golden Standard of doula support.

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