Here at Keystone State Doula Services, we are committed to excellence and continuity of care. Clients can rest easy knowing that all their pregnancy, birth and postpartum needs are being fulfilled by the various services we offer.


Our affiliated doulas were carefully screened and selected for their unique abilities to attune to your family’s evolving needs. We believe that this is the number one most important skill a doula can provide.


All of our affiliated doulas are professionally trained by ProDoula, the leading certifying organization instilling strength and confidence in modern day doulas. ProDoula is an active doula community who provides ongoing support to all of it’s doulas, which is invaluable to our doulas and the families we serve.

The agency model offers an additional layer of support to all of our doulas as well as to our clients. Any additional concerns or needs will be addressed directly by the owner.


We are committed to serving your needs. Because of the team approach with the agency model, you can count on us to meet your needs without delay. If one doula falls ill, a team member will seamlessly fill in. Our supporting your family is backed by our team supporting each other.


Families feel better supported when all care providers are working together as a team. Keystone State Doula Services is building bridges with care providers (OB’s, Nurses, Pediatricians, Midwives) to ensure families feel well supported in all their decisions.


Everything we do, we do out of love. And let’s face it, everybody wants to be loved!