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Our bodies are amazing! Not only are we capable of creating a tiny human inside our very own body, we are capable of creating several tiny humans inside our very own body all at once! What an incredible blessing!

Not only is this an incredible blessing, but it poses new challenges. How do you juggle more than one baby at a time? You are likely surrounded by friends and family members who have never experienced raising multiples.

Did you know that there are experienced professionals that can come to your home and spend several hours a day with you? Or overnights or temporary live-in care? They are called postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists.

Keystone State Doula Services has a team of postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists who are trained and experienced in serving families of multiples.

You may need help getting systems in place for things like: laundry, diapers, diaper changes, baby sleep, adult sleep, baby feeding and adult meals. This may be one of your biggest challenges. We’ve got you covered.

Perhaps you need a safe space for emotional processing. Raising babies brings up so many emotions. We understand the special needs of NICU families. Non-judgmental support in helping you process the trials and errors of your new life is hard to find. We are hear to listen.

You may want all the latest information on the newest products or evidenced based information on different techniques. We’ve got that.

Maybe you just don’t want to be doing it all alone while all your friends and family members are working. With our support, you’ll find your new role can be much more pleasurable than you imagined.

Infant sleep can be a unique concern for families of multiples. Our training and experience can help all family members maximize sleep, safely and lovingly.

This type of in-home support is irreplaceable and invaluable. You simply can not get this type of support from an online forum or monthly support group.

Whether you just found out you are having multiples and you want to schedule the support early on or if you already gave birth and are home and looking for help. It’s never too early or too late to contact us.

Aiding your path in creating joyful life lasting memories is the absolute least we can do for your family during this transformative life experience. We love supporting families of multiples and can’t wait to meet yours!

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