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In January 2016, there was an announcement that The US Preventative Task Force is recommending routine screening during pregnancy for depression. This is great news since 1 in 7 women will experience a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder. It’s important to ask questions about this and raise awareness so that women know there is help available.

In response to this announcement, famous author Marianne Williamsonstated on social media, where she has several hundred thousand followers, that this is a plan by big pharma to push more medicine.

This comment has created an uproar by hundreds of Warrior Moms, who have battled a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder. These woman may have experienced something as simple as not experiencing joy towards their newborn or with themselves as new mothers. They may have experienced the more intense feelings of desiring death onto themselves or others. Although medicine may not be the answer for all families, there are still an incredible amount of families who have found that medicine was the most powerful source of transformation for them. For someone to state that meditation, prayer, nutrition and love are the only answer invalidates the experiences of countless families.

What resulted in the hundreds of Warrior Moms responding almost simultaneously was that millions of people were reached within 12 hours. Millions of people were educated about the stigmatizing response made by Marianne Williamson. And this is how effective change begins.

Postpartum Progress is an incredible registered nonprofit organization who is doing an amazing job at creating effective change in the Maternal Mental Health field. Mothers who are struggling with depression, OCD, anxiety, or psychosis during pregnancy and/or postpartum period can find support from Postpartum Progress. They have innovative peer-to-peer programs and messaging that connect families to information and treatment. They are able to support these families throughout recovery which helps lesson the burden of disease. They are founded by a mom, run by moms, focused on moms and supported by moms.

Each June, thousands of warrior moms come together to host a Climb Out Of The Darkness in their own community. Climb Out Of The Darkness is a yearly fundraiser by Postpartum Progress. Last year $240,00 was raised. The money raised goes directly towards the programs and materials created by Postpartum Progress.

Keystone State Doula Services LLC takes pride in standing behind this organization and the wonderful work they are doing for mothers struggling with Maternal Mental Health. If this is a topic that you hold dear to your heart, please join our Climb Out Of The Darkness team and help raise funds for this incredible organization. You can help by becoming a team member and helping to raise funds, or by simply donating. Helping us raise awareness and supporting this organization CAN SAVE LIVES!

Now go grab your cushion and #meditateonthis!

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