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Keystone State Doula Services LLC is always working to elevate the role of doula support in our community. We have done this in countless ways over the years and will always strive to create quality solutions for the families we serve. We are excited share with you our newest investment.

With postpartum doula support being our most frequently used service, we wanted to go the extra mile to give the families we serve added peace of mind about our support. All members of our postpartum doula team are now trained as Newborn Care Specialists. Another common term for this is Baby Nurse.

This list is just a taste of what our doulas learn during their Newborn Care Specialist training:

  • Caring for your newborn, head to toe
  • Feeding your newborn (breastmilk and formula)
  • Building your nursery
  • Special needs and premies
  • Recognizing signs of various feeding issues
  • Considerations for tongue & lip tie
  • Considerations for cleft lip & cleft palate
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Swaddling
  • The physiology of infant sleep
  • How much sleep does baby need?
  • Gentle sleep training (without using the “cry it out” method)

This gives added assurance that all of our doulas are on the same page in how we support your family. While many of these things can be learned through trial and error, time, and experience; we understand the families we serve find great comfort in knowing that our knowledge is not only through experience, but also through the highest training standards available for Newborn Care Specialists.  To learn more about the training program, click here.

Keystone State Doula Services LLC is committed to the highest standards to maintain exceptional support from our entire team to your growing family.

To inquire about securing these services for your family, call or email us today to get started.

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