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Most families giving birth in a hospital will have the opportunity to go on a tour of their chosen hospital before going into labor. This gives your family the chance to learn where to park, what entrance you will come in, to familiarize yourself with the proper desk or office where you will be admitted, and to see the different laboring and postpartum rooms.

Although this tour allows you to see your room and the labor and delivery bed, it does not offer the chance for you to fully explore the bed and all of its magical features. That would require lots and lots of extra time, and lots and lots of extra laundry for the hospital staff.

Lucky for you, we created this lovely video for you to use as your go to resource to give you ideas on how you can fully optimize the amazing capabilities of your labor and delivery hospital bed.

You will see the different ways the bed moves, maternal positions for each layout, how to use the beloved squat bar, and so much more.

Something to keep in mind when watching this video: when giving birth in a hospital, you are likely going to be hooked up to an IV, an Electronic Fetal Monitor, or other attachments that will need your attention when moving from one position to another. Most of these positions can still be utilized while hooked up to these things. Many of these positions can also be used after receiving an epidural.

Enjoy the video!

We hope you found this video so very helpful. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us anytime to learn more about how a childbirth educator, can prepare you for your upcoming birth and postpartum experience. We want to help you feel safe, calm and empowered during your labor and birth experience.

Special thanks to Women and Babies Hospital for the use of their labor & delivery bed.

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