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Becoming a new parent or welcoming a new little bundle of joy home is such an amazing and joyous privilege. It’s also something that many people may not want to admit. It’s a crisis.

A beautiful, chaotic, wondrous, hits-you-like-a-ton-of-bricks crisis.

All of a sudden time seems to stop and fly by you all at the same time, and you’re taking life minute by minute based on the little one’s needs. Life is no longer what you knew it to be and every single aspect of it has changed and started spiraling out of control.

You may start to wonder:

  • “How long can a human being exist on three, half hour increments of sleep a night?”
  • “Will I ever be able to take my time in the shower again, or will I have to keep poking my head out every 30 seconds to listen for a crying baby?”
  • “Will the dirty dishes in the sink eventually take over the whole house?”.

All of these and more are completely normal concerns of a parent with a new baby during ‘crisis time’.

Eventually life with a newborn will become less hectic, and you will be able to shower in peace, and sleep longer. Life with a baby will eventually become the new norm and you will most definitely adjust and become a pro in no time. But until that day comes, what is a new parent to do to regain some sanity?

That’s where Keystone State Doulas Services comes in. We specialize in taking care of the family, as a whole, during this beautiful crisis.

  • You have laundry that needs to be done? We do that.
  • Dishes piling up in sink? Don’t worry; we loaded them into the dish washer an hour ago while you and the little one were napping.
  • Oh, you wanted to have a night to catch up on your sleep alone? We’ve got you covered.
  • Uninterrupted showers? That’s right, you guessed it. We’re there.
  • All of those questions you have about caring for your newborn – we’ve got the answers and resources to share with you.
  • Feeling uncertain about all your parenting decisions? Not with our confidence boosting support!

With us on your side as your postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists we’ve got your back. And the amazing thing is you don’t have to wait until life starts spiraling! We can be there from day one, supporting you and your new tiny wonder. And through all of this support, we empower YOU to have the confidence to make decisions regarding the well-being of your baby. No more of the pesky, uninvited parenting opinions that everyone and their grandmother seem to have. We listen closely to what your true wishes are and we help you build a plan and execute it – no judgments and no bias. Just pure support.

So hop on over to call or email us and let us know WHAT YOU NEED FROM US for a better postpartum experience.

Author: Ali Tumbusch

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