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KSDS is committed to supporting families the best way we can. And the best way we can do that is to ensure that our doulas are paid appropriately for their services. This ensures our doulas can be fully present with our clients without worrying about how they are going to pay to get there, for babysitters while they are away and for meals to sustain them during their shifts. Not only does free and low cost doula services negatively affect our profession, it often negatively affects the family who has used a free or low cost doula because they are often unhappy with their experience. This translates into them sharing their negative perception, and inhibiting other families to hire professional doulas who would be of great service to them. So here is our list of things we know you care about and may want to consider before choosing that free or low cost doula.

Because you care about equality for all women and races

We know you care about equality for all women and races. Too many women offer free or low cost doula services and do so because they are middle class caucasian women who are supported by their husbands. Doula work is their hobby. This can make it difficult for the true professionals to earn a living wage and pay their bills and care for their young. Let’s take it a step further. Women of color are statistically more in need of doula support. However, they are less likely to hire a doula because can’t find someone who understands their specific cultural needs. There are not enough women of color practicing as doulas. Why is that? Because when middle class caucasian women offer their services for free or cheap, it makes it incredibly difficult for any professional doula of any color to earn a living wage doing this work. Which translates into women of color having very few examples of women of their race doing this work successfully. Which translates into fewer women of color serving and fewer women of color being served. This is not a sustainable model.

Because their training program did not give them enough confidence to support you without discounting their services

This is a huge misfortune that happens so frequently. New doulas often leave their training feeling insecure in their new roles and thinking they need to discount their services until they gain more experience (aka confidence). And when families receive the support of these timid doulas, they end up having a less than desirable experience, which makes all doulas look bad, not just that one. When choosing the best certifying organization, newly trained doulas are confident and know their self value and worth from the start. That’s why our doulas are all trained by the most modern and professional organization, ProDoula, who instills confidence and strength in all their doulas.

Because a free doula needing certifying births makes it about them, not about you.

The word doula is an ancient greek work meaning “A woman who serves”. When hiring a professional to support you during your birth or postpartum experience, the service should be 100% about you. If you are approached by a doula offering free services in exchange for helping them certify, this is making it about them, not you. There is nothing professional or supportive about that.

Because you want a professional

If it were your wedding day, would you hire a wedding planner who was unprofessional and didn’t have all the resources to make your wedding day the most positively memorable experience possible? I didn’t think so. So why would you want anything different for your birth or postpartum experience? These are life altering events that deserve just as much attention if not more than your wedding day. Hiring a professional to support you during your birth and postpartum experience is the best thing you can do for yourself in preparation for your journey into parenthood. This is not an area that you want to take shortcuts in. If you want someone who values this time in your life just as much as you do, then you have come to the right place.

So there you have it, a topic we are very passionate about, and as you can see, it’s not all about us, it’s about YOU. We want YOU to have the best experience possible. Keystone State Doula Services LLC is committed to providing the highest quality doula services in PA. If you want to connect with us you can do so by calling or emailing us now.

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  1. Hello. My name is Alicia and I wanted to know if you are interested in expanding your team? I just attended the ProDoula training for post partum and labor. I am looking for a doula agency to call home.

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