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Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period is one of the most transformative times in our lives. It can be hard to decide what path to take at any given moment. We thought we would help ease your load slightly by explaining why many families choose to hire a doula agency to support them during this time.

Availability & Reliability

One reason the agency model exists is to assure availability of our services to families who inquire with us. Without the agency model, a solo doula would often have to turn clients away because of being overbooked, forcing families to search elsewhere to find other doula services. 

Less work for you

Because the agency model has already screened it’s doulas with the initial interview process, attaining clean background checks, gaining positive references, keeping track of immunizations, affirming training and/or certifications with legit training and certifying organizations, schedule complications and so much more; this means YOU DON’T HAVE TO! It can be exhausting for many families to go through the process of interviewing doula after doula. You can trust our expertise is knowing just what it takes to find an available, professional, non judgmental and heart centered doula to support your family. 

Continuity of Care

Having a doula is a wonderful thing. Having a team of doulas is even better. With a team approach, we are able to fulfill all the shifts you want covered. If your scheduled doula needs to call off for any reason, a team member can fill in. Communications on our end are pretty seamless to give you a smooth transition between team members. 


The doulas at KSDS want you to feel the comfort and warmth our services bring. We also believe that it’s important to deliver this in a professional way. This is best accomplished by our nonjudgmental support and our clear and timely communication. We are always elevating the role of professional doula support in our community. Here is an example of some common misconceptions that we are changing.

Relationship Building

Not only is our relationship to the families we serve important, but it’s also important for us to build relationships with other local businesses. It’s comforting to know that your doulas at KSDS have a professional and positive relationship with all of your care providers. We value their contribution and qualifications to support you in their expertise.


As a registered tax paying business, we are able to support our local economy. We believe that acquiring free or low cost doula services contributes to the cycle of poverty and privilege, an issue we are not interested in perpetuating.


Keystone State Doula Services is dedicated to providing the best doula care in PA. We select only the finest team members for our agency. Our doulas are committed to excellence, growth and ongoing training and certification to meet all of your needs.


Being a doula while also running a business is not the answer for all doulas. For many years, the burnout rate for doulas was high because there were not agencies in place for them to work with. The agency model offers our team the opportunity to do the work they love so much, without having to worry about the in’s and out’s of running a business. They can leave that part to someone who actually enjoys it. So doulas are not burning out at such a high rate anymore because of the agency model.

If you have further questions about our agency model, or if you want to inquire about doula services, call or email us now to experience professional support at it’s finest.

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